Scalp Micropigmentation cost

Top Scalp Clinic provides scalp micropigmentation treatments for customers from Gloucester, Cheltenham and other parts of Gloucestershire and South West England. In today’s article, we will discuss scalp micropigmentation cost and answer a few popular questions regarding pricing.

scalp micropigmentation cost in Gloucester and Cheltenham
The cost of scalp micropigmentation depends on several factors

This is a very popular question asked by people who consider the treatment. However, it’s difficult to give an exact price for a scalp micropigmentation until the SMP practitioner has met you in person. The overall scalp micropigmentation cost depends on several factors. Let’s present them in an easy-to-read list.

Scalp micropigmentation cost depends on

  • the size of the scalp area that needs to be treated
  • number of treatments required
  • if it is initial treatment or further ‘top-up’
  • the difference in pricing by particular clinics

Many people think that scalp micropigmentation is similar to a permanent tattoo (the treatment is often referred to as a hair tattoo) where you have it done, and it lasts for years. Standard tattooing involves a completely different procedure, different needles, and a separate machine, and penetrates deeper and through more layers of skin.

It is not the case with scalp micropigmentation, it is a non-invasive technique done with different equipment. Depending on the needs of the customer and the state of the scalp, the treatment is usually divided into a few stages. The SMP practitioner in each stage puts the ink into specific areas of the scalp and closely observes the general look of the scalp. The practitioner will make sure that the procedure gives the customer the look that is as natural as possible.

Different customers need different numbers of treatments and that affects the overall scalp micropigmentation costs.

This is understandable. If a customer requires fewer sessions and the area of the treatment is small, the cost should be lower than paid by a customer requiring extensive treatments and many sessions.

Another aspect of the treatment often overlooked is the fact, that the effects of scalp micropigmentation gradually fade. This happens because to mimic the appearance of hair follicles, pigments are deposited into the scalp’s dermal layer. Being deposited quite shallow, there is a natural tendency for pigmentation to fade due to the effects of sun exposure and UV rays. The more UV rays your scalp pigments are exposed to, the faster the therapy begins to degrade. The type of pigments and needles used also contribute to the longevity of scalp micropigmentation.

To preserve the desired look, further top-up treatments are required after a year or so of the initial procedure. These top-ups are usually cheaper because treatment is required only in some areas where the pigment starts to fade and is less visible.

Lastly, like with any other type of service, different providers offer different pricing. Usually, more established clinics and studios charge more, but not always. And of course, a higher price does not always guarantee the best results.

Scalp micropigmentation cost in Top Scalp Clinic

As mentioned, the exact cost of the treatment cannot be determined without seeing a customer. However, we would like to give some information.

Top Scalp Clinic is very competitive when it comes to pricing. We are also quite flexible and in some cases agree to be paid in monthly instalments.

We think that 3 scalp micropigmentation sessions lead to the best results and we always inform our customers about the pricing. If a customer agrees on the price, the treatment sessions are as follows:

  • SESSION 1 – define, shape, restore and build hairline
  • SESSION 2 – full application of SMP tattooing to blend, and create colour and density
  • SESSION 3 – final stage to boost density, detail and amplify colour

We think that the first top-up treatment should happen one year after the last session. We discuss the cost of a top-up session before the initial treatments.

If you have got specific questions about scalp micropigmentation cost of your treatment, please contact us and arrange a free, no-obligation appointment. We will discuss in detail all aspects of the SMP treatment and the pricing.

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